Name: Mr Cee
Role: Comedian
Profile:Cool, Charming & Conscious, Mr Cee is fast becoming one of the ‘New’ acts to watch out for on this ‘Circus of Fun’.In the past he has provided Comedy Workshops for Brent & Islington Youth Services, and also teaches Adults IT software. He possesses a natural way of connecting with young people that encourages them to participate/buy into the event that he is leading.Mr Cee has performed at various venues such as The Hackney Empire, The Comedy Store and Jongleurs Battersea and has also supported Angie LeMar, Curtis Walker, Gina Yashere and Felix Dexter on their UK Tours.His comedy achievements ranges from doing ‘warm ups’ for the BBC1 show ?Blouse & Skirt? to being voted the ?Best Male Newcomer? at the Prestigious Black Entertainment Comedy Awards in 2000.His many highlights include, organising and hosting for the last 3 years, the ‘Come Mek We Larf’ comedy nights at Summerfest (1,500 people) held at the Pontins Prestatyn and Southport sites. To hosting The Hackney Empires New Talent Show at the Edinburgh Festival 2001. This year has also included performances at The Respect Festival – Millennium Dome and Cambridge University.

Never afraid of new challenges, he jumped at the chance to extend his improvisation and acting skills when called to stand-in at short notice for the fantastic ‘Big Sister’ Sketch Show.

International performances have included The Geel Reggae Festival ’03 in Belgium, Entertaining Troops and Civilians at NATO HQ in Belgium and US Military bases in Germany.

Whether performing at small intimate venues or the big stage, Mr Cee is equally comfortable and in tune with his audience, his Social awareness has naturally provided him work with various youth organisations (Connexions, Mentoring +, Crime Concern) and thus he is in demand as the front man (Host/Compeer) for many Celebration of Achievement events and is currently the resident host of Kindred Spirit (Inspiring Live Music, Spoken Word & Song).

By sharing with the audiences his ‘Live, Love, Laugh’ philosophy, Mr Cee warms you to his way of looking and laughing at life.

Live, Love, Laugh… Mr Cee.

Role: Comedian
Profile:Hailing from East London, Kojo is fast becoming one of the biggest talents to come out of the black comedy circuit. In 2000 kojo signed up and joined “The Comedy School” which was set-up by fellow comedian Rudi Lickwood. There he learnt to perfect the art of performance on stage and the different sides of comedy.After Spending two months on the course he performed at his first ever show which was at Middlesex University on April 12th 2000 where he brought the house down and was an instant hit with the crowd. His first three months on the circuit saw him nominated for best newcomer award at the Black Entertainment Comedy Awards 2000 which he went on to win the following year. In 2002 Kojo Landed a job with BBC’s new urban music station 1xtra, there his job was to interview a host of celebrities from the world of music, t.v and sport. He had the tough job of going down the red carpet at movie premiers, launch parties and most concerts . His First day at the job saw him interview U.S singers Monica and Mario. Since then he has interviewed Amarie, Atomic Kitten, Misteeq, Usher, Alicia Keys, and many more. Kojo’s style of comedy appeals to a wide mass of people, young, old, black or white, his only focus is being funny on stage. With only four years on the circuit, Kojo has recently become and international comedian, with performance in Amsterdam (Holland), New York, and most recently Lagos (Nigeria) where he performed at the african comedy festival. Kojo is also in big demand to host allot of music events and concerts. 2003 saw him host the Mobo Unsung competition alongside Mc Romeo and Nell Mc Andrew! If that wasn’t enough, he then went on to do the warm ups for the actual Mobo Awards show, which saw him working with the likes of Lil Kim, Blue Cantrell and June Sarpong.Kojo has now started London’s first black comedy club in the city, “Da Comedy Fun House” which he holds on Sunday evenings.T.V & Radio Credits
Malai Presents (Stand up show) BBC 2
Malai Monologues BBC 3
No Bling Comedy (Documentary) Ben T.V
Raymond is Latte (T.V show in Holland)
BBC 1xtra (Radio)
Choice FmT.V warm Ups Mobo Awards 2003 Comic Relief 2003

Supporting Roles Curtis Walker’s comedy tour

Venus’s Kojo has performed Hackney Empire, Lawrence Batley Theatre, Lewisham Theatre, Jongleurs Comedy clubs, Oceans (Hackney) Royal Albert Hall, The Drum (Birmingham), The Dance house Theatre (Manchester), Yorkshire Playhouse, Croydon Clocktower plus many more……… Live, Love, Laugh… Mr Cee.

Name:Curtis Walker
Role: Comedian
Profile:The Don of Black Comedy? is internationally known both for his solo work, and as part of popular comedy duo Curtis and Ishmael. His work on shows like Paramount City and The Real McCoy, along with frequent appearances on the likes of They Think It’s All Over and Jonathan Ross, have made his face familiar to millions. Most recently he has completed another series of Blouse and Skirt, and was main writer for C4′s highly successful series, The Richard Blackwood Show.
Name:Rudi Lickwood
Role: Comedian
Profile:Voted one of Jongleurs best and EMMA award nominee this year, Rudi’s style is very versatile with countless Television and Radio appearances including Heart of Harlesden (BBC2), The Last Word (ITV1), Mega Mela Malai Comedy (BBC1), 100 Greatest TV Treats (CH4), The Big Brunch (GLR) and Mad House Show (UNIQUE FM).Jongleurs award winner (Best performer 2000/2001) Rudi Lickwood is one of the busiest acts on the UK comedy circuit, with a sense of humour and razor-sharp material that appeals to all audiences. A super confident playful personality and oozing charisma, his infectious charm has made him a desirable commodity for television and radio work, as well as conferences and product launches.Television Credits include:Noel Edmunds House Party – BBC1
100 Greatest TV Treats – Channel 4
Malia Comedy – BBC2
The Stand Up Show – ITV1
Heart of Hart of Harlesden – BBC2
Radio credits include:The Big Bunch – GLR
London Marathon – Radio 5
Shuman’s Shuffle – Choice FM
Mad House Show (presenter) – Unique FM
Television Warm Ups include:Goodness Gracious Me
Network East
Small Potatoes
Comedy Venues regularly appearing at: as compere or full sets Jongleurs (various)
The Comedy Store (London & Manchester)
Up The Creek (London & Croydon)
T’he Comedy Club (various)
Comedy Cafe (London)
……and not forgetting: Not to mention his numerous world performances
Role: Urban Artist
Profile:Akala first raised ears on the streets last summer with the double A side white label, “Banger 4 da streets”/”War”. The tracks got instant underground radio play and critical acclaim for their candid lyrics, cold flow and banging beats. However, the buzz reached a whole new level when a video for “Banger” appeared on Channel U, featuring Akala irreverently rapping on the roof of a police car. The video, shot on a shoestring budget, entered U’s request chart at number 11 and peaked three weeks later at number 6, above Kelis’ “Milkshake” and G Unit’s “Stunt 101″. This relentless street anthem with it’s hardcore depictions of ghetto life and a sick sample from Verdi’s requiem, remained in the chart for ten weeks, longer than any video in the first quarter of 2004.The streets had clearly spoken, and UK hip hop had finally found itself a serious contender, just as polished and natural as American rappers, without aping them. Akala?s greatest influence is Jay-Z, from whom he garnered his writing style, or rather, non-writing style as he does not write down any words. Instead he just listens to the beat, thinks of what to say and then puts it down. Despite this influence, there are no fake accents or fake stories, Akala is the genuine article, a black English rapper talking about England’s black society, in a black English accent.The quality and realness was evident: After a series of electric live appearances, on pirate radio and in London’s premier clubs (including support slots for MsDynamite at Brixton Academy , 50 CENT at Glasgow and Wembley and the Roc-a-Fella showcase featuring NORE and Memphis Bleek), the demand was boiling over, the streets couldn’t wait any longer for a video for “War”. This time the bar was raised with a cinematic video, complete with dramatic narrative, tough for the thugs but plenty of eye candy for the female audience. Once again, Akala’s sincere storytelling, powerful, yet calm delivery over a top notch beat, went straight to the heart of hip-hop heads everywhere. Since its initial release on Channel U, the ?War? video, has been played on MTVBase and has made history by being the first video by an unsigned artist to be played on MTV?s flagship show, TRL.At twenty years of age, this North Londoner has life experience beyond his years, from nursing his mother through cancer to seeing the harsh realities of street life first hand, all before his teenage years. These memories fuel the passion behind his lyrics. No biography is better than an autobiography, so, quoting from his lyrics:”You already know the tale, never lived with my father, Nasty break up with my mum and her partner, and of course times was harder, Mum’s did the best with the strength she could muster, But she was so stressed it was us that would suffer, Plus, school teachers hate me, say that I’m feisty, Play all kind of mind games to try break me, Help turn an innocent kid into an ignorant pig, Fuck em anyway I still got straight A’s”

Akala’s always had the stubborn and determined heart of a fighter. (His name is a Buddhist term meaning immovable). The discouragement he received at school only made him yearn more for knowledge and success.

“Never fell for the spells they tell in this world, I read Malcolm(X) when you was learning to spell, I took exams early with the geeks in the school, Opened a business, you were still chasing your balls”

He says in “Roll with Us”, referring to the Jamaican restaurant, ?Auntie?s Cuisine? that he opened in Agia Nappa at the age of 18. He continues,

“I spent my teens sticking but I’m one Britain?s best mathematicians, Official, I got the certificate”.

That’s no rap exaggeration. He was actually chosen to attend the Royal Institution mathematics masterclasses and took his maths GCSE a year early! Despite his academic success, he grew so tired of the constant harassment by his teachers that he packed in college to follow his other passion, football. Up until a year ago, he was playing in the Wimbledon junior’s squad, but after an injury forced him to take a break, he put his focus on music and never looked back.

During his injury time, a mutual friend introduced him to American hip hop producer/engineer Rez, signalling the beginning of a new era in Akala’s music. Rez had previously worked with many big names in hip hop, including Wu Tang, Ruff Ryders and Lyricist Lounge. He was instantly impressed with Akala’s hard, profound and sometimes humorous lyrics, but thought his flow needed some work. At that time, garage was still the dominant force amongst British MCs, however Rez thought it would be a good idea for Akala to maintain his natural style, but to adopt the breathing techniques and rhythmic punctuation of American rappers. After a few months of training with these new techniques, Akala locked his flow down, the two recorded “Banger for da Streets” marking the beginning of a fruitful partnership.

Since then they’ve recorded ten more original songs and completed a mixtape that has just hit the streets. ?The War Mixtape? comprising sixteen tracks including eleven freestyles, has already received excellent reviews in the press and its various tracks have had substantial airplay on radio stations such as Kiss and 1extra. They are currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on the debut album, which, along with the first single ?Roll Wid Us?, will be released on their own label, Illa State Records, early next year. In the meantime, the quality of the mixtape is already a cut above most people’s albums. In Akala’s own bold words, “It?s like Shakespeare, with a n***a twist “.

Role: RnB Artist
Profile:This talented, sexy, singing sensation is on a mission to take over the world with her brand of Soul/R&B Pop and sensual performances. Being a diva who loves life more than anything else, she can one minute be chilling quietly in the company of old friends, next be enjoying a glitterati lifestyle.
Role: UK Rapper
Profile:Ricochet Klashnekoff is one of the freshest talents on the UK Hip Hop scene at the moment, and with a wealth of P.A.s, radio appearances and magazine features to his credit all signs suggest that he is well on his way to the top of the game. Ricochet Klashnekoff – the Ricochet represents a ricochet, which can come at you from many different angles. Some people try to box him into a Specific genre but his style is Reggae, Ragga & Hip Hop. The Klashnekoff represents freedom, he says ?if you look around most third world/developing countries, when dictatorships are unwilling to get in to political dialog with the people they rule, the down trodden people will fight for freedom and their chosen weapon is often the Klashnekoff. And through the Klashnekoff they find freedom and likewise through Klashnekoff I speak freedom?.Klashnekoff, (Pronounced, k-lash-nek-off), is a Hackney born and bred father of two, whose west-Indian roots have proved to be a strong influence on his music. He chooses to leave the labelling of his style to the masses, but does admit to drawing inspiration from a bank of talent that reads like a trans-genre hall of fame, with appearances from the likes of David Bowie and Bob Marley. Wherever or whatever his brand of Hip Hop there is no doubt that it has definitely quenched the underground? s thirst for some new blood.